Ronda Rousey Vs. Becky Lynch Set For WWE Survivor Series 2018

24 hours removed from the historic Evolution pay-per-view, WWE took their Women's Revolution to the next level with the announcement of a huge champion vs. champion bout for Survivor Series.
Last night's Raw brought the news that the brand's champion, Ronda Rousey, will face off against SmackDown counterpart Becky Lynch on the 18 November show, though it'll presumably be a non-title clash.
The duo was involved in a brief backstage confrontation after Evolution, as an awkward exchange of frosty "compliments" concluded with Becky promising "I'll be seeing you soon."

Both performers are coming off successful pay-per-view performances. Lynch's epic Last Woman Standing bout with Charlotte Flair is understandably being hailed as one of the best matches of 2018, and while Rousey's clash with Nikki Bella hasn't received the same level of praise, it was a well laid-out and effective bout regardless.
While recent reports have stated WWE might eschew Survivor Series' typical 'brand warfare' theme this year, Rousey vs. Lynch suggests this might not be the case. Regardless, it's an awesome-looking match between the two main roster brands' undisputed alpha females, and if the rest of the PPV lineup falls in-line with this level of quality, it'll be an incredible show.

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