MAJOR WWE SummerSlam 2018 Results LEAKED?! New Video

Cody Rhodes, Loveliest Man On The Planet

Last month, Cody surprised wrestling fan Josh O’Neil by offering to pay for his travel to see All In, as O’Neil had already bought a ticket for the show, but didn’t have enough money to cover flights.

Cody knows all about the hard times and now he’s helping out yet another fan. Scotty Mitch tweeted Cody and the Young Bucks:

“Wish I was able to go to ALL IN to support @CodyRhodes @MattJackson13 @NickJacksonYB but cancer is a bitch, I’ll watch from home. Good luck guys! I had my 6th of 12 chemo today, time to keep kicking ass!” 

Kick cancer’s ass, Scotty!

But because Scotty is unable to travel due to his treatment, this one couldn’t be fixed with a simple PayPal transfer to cover flights. Enter Cody Claus:

“Let’s bring All In to you somehow…where ya’ at friend?” 

“DM me. Let’s set something up.” 

…while you’re checking your DMs, Cody, maybe you could get back to my message about CM Punk. I just want to know if he’s OK, what’s he up to right now, been to any good baseball games recent-IS PUNK RETURNING TO WRESTLING, CODY! I MISS HIM SO MUCH!!!!

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