Superstars Who Should Face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2018 Instead of Roman Reigns

In the event that the WWE Rumor Mill is to be trusted, the headliner for SummerSlam 2018 is slated to be Brock Lesnar VS Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. It has been declared that WWE is situating Reigns to merit of another shot at the Universal Championship because of the dubious idea of his thrashing at the Greatest Royal Rumble in Saudi Arabia.

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It is likely that this match will happen at Summerslam, with Reigns at long last thrashings The Beast Incarnate and turning into the Universal Champion finally, subsequent to having neglected to do as such at WrestleMania 34 and at the Greatest Royal Rumble pay-per-view. Those two matches were not generally welcomed by the WWE Universe, so it is extremely amazing to hear that WWE is having them go head to head yet again. 

Rules has had numerous odds against Brock Lesnar and there are various whizzes on the program who should confront Lesnar at 'The Biggest Party of the Summer'. So guys lets check out those Superstars who should face Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam 2018 instead of Roman Reigns.

#1 Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley made his arrival to WWE on RAW after WrestleMania by taking out Elias. And that time he is was not the same Lashley who left WWE in 2008. He's had sufficient energy to sharpen his specialty on the autonomous circuit and with his arrival, it was hypothesized that it would just involve time before he went against Brock Lesnar. 

The two have had comparable profession ways and Lashley's manufacture enabled him to be a solid risk to Lesnar's rule. In any case, the enthusiasm for Lashley has lessened altogether and his first appropriate quarrel since his arrival against Sami Zayn has been heartbreaking so far because of inadequately reserved portions with frightful diversion. 

The two are set to go head to head at Money in the Bank and they will ideally go their different ways once that match is finished. There would at present be two months till SummerSlam, which gives WWE enough time to develop Lashley back and position him as a wrestler sufficiently predominant to end Lesnar's rule. A coordinate between the two is significantly fresher than Lesnar versus Rules and it is intriguing to see the two powerhouses go at it in the headliner.

#2 John Cena

This is truly a long-shot, however the story is there. Cena hasn't showed up on WWE programming since he was demolished by The Undertaker at WrestleMania 34. He is still on the chase for title #17 that would see him outperform Ric Flair's long-standing record. Moreover, Cena was completely decimated on account of Brock Lesnar in the headliner of Summerslam four years back. 

It would be idyllic that Cena would need to impact the world forever against a similar man and at a similar occasion where he endured a standout amongst the most humiliating annihilations of his profession. The two Superstars consolidated have all that could possibly be needed star-capacity to headliner the show and Cena has been conveying reliably incredible matches as far back as he made the progress from full-time to a section clock.

#3 Kevin Owens

Kevin Owens never got his rematch subsequent to losing the Universal Championship to Goldberg at Fastlane before WrestleMania 33. It is justifiable to contend that Owens shouldn't confront Lesnar in light of the fact that he's a foot rear area and a rear area versus heel dynamic regularly doesn't work, yet there is a lot of time to change Owens into a part where he plays a semi heel or hesitant screw-up. 

Owens has the in-ring aptitudes to have an incredible match with Lesnar and the promos he cuts against Paul Heyman would be electric. Be that as it may, Owens in his present symbol can't be viewed as a danger to Lesnar. Moving him far from the customary apprehensive, obnoxious foot sole area character would be a decent move.

#3 Braun Strowman

The way that Braun Strowman hasn't effectively won the Universal Championship is a crime. The Monster Among Men has effectively confronted Lesnar for the Universal Championship however he was unsuccessful on that event. In the event that Reigns can be given such a large number of shots against Lesnar regardless of missing the mark, Strowman merits another open door too. 

Strowman is madly great and gigantically engaging week-in, week-out and he is ostensibly the most dreaded contender on the WWE list. Be that as it may, he hasn't won a solitary's title yet.


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