Top 5 Main Events for WWE SummerSlam 2018 - Summerslam 2018 Mains Events

The wrestlemania is now in history and the turn of SummerSlam is ahead. WWE is now turning to the next "Big Four" main event of SummerSlam

The brand's yearly Summer party has been to some degree dreary lately, and with such a stacked list available to them, the organization have the chance to make the demonstrate an unquestionable requirement see in 2018. 

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There are as yet three PPVs (Including Backlash) to go before the current year's SummerSlam event, and there are a lot of wanders aimlessly left that will wind up forming the card. The WWE will, be that as it may, start planting the seeds for the show in the following month or somewhere in the vicinity, and it will enthusiasm to perceive what sort of matches they choose to book during the current year's occasion. 

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On account of that, we should investigate five matches that could possibly headliner the current year's Summerslam.

5: Brock Lesnar Vs Roman Reigns

Fans were really staggered when Brock Lesnar crushed Roman Reigns in the headliner of the current year's WrestleMania and were additionally stunned when Lesnar got yet another triumph over Roman at The Greatest Royal Rumble Event. 

It's the questionable idea of Lesnar's winning at The Greatest Royal Rumble that prompts me to trust that the WWE isn't finished with their fight right now.

When SummerSlam moves around, Brock Lesnar will have outperformed CM Punk's 434 kept running as champion, which I what I trust the WWE are currently attempting to do, and with that record finished, Lesnar's rule is at long last liable to arrive at an end. 

While most fans are tired to death of seeing Lesnar and Reigns go at it by this stage, the WWE are still prone to give us one more pass over match between the combine, and SummerSlam looks the in all likelihood event to do that.

4: Brock Lesnar Vs Braun Strowman

Of course, if the WWE go cold on the idea of Roman Reigns toppling Brock Lesnar, then there is always Braun Strowman.

Braun is the most over guy on Raw right now, and his recent victory at The Greatest Royal Rumble surely cements his place as the brand's main babyface.

Braun and Brock have squared off once before, with Brock coming out on top of a disappointing encounter at last year's No Mercy event. Braun's popularity has continued to grow since then though, and perhaps the WWE may finally realise that they could have their next big star in the waiting in Braun Strowman.

This doesn't mean Reigns won't get his hands on the belt eventually, though, it just means that Braun gets the rub of being the one to defeat Lesnar.

3: Daniel Bryan Vs The Miz

It is maybe somewhat too soon for this coordinate to happen, however you can never discount the WWE getting over energized and hopping the firearm here. In the event that the organization chose to give Bryan the title at one of the two occasions amongst Backlash and SummerSlam 2018, at that point there is each possibility that they will need to make The Miz his challenger for SummerSlam 2018

Daniel Bryan Vs The Miz Live Match 2018 Summerslam

There is another choice as well. Bryan could win himself a shot at Styles at Money in the Bank, win the title and afterward have The Miz, who won the satchel before in the night, take advantage of his long-term foe. 

There is without a doubt cash in Daniel Bryan Vs The Miz, actually, however, I'd hold off until WrestleMania 35 for their huge confrontation.

2: Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose

Like Daniel Bryan Vs The Miz, this is a match that the WWE would be wise to wait for. Like Bryan Vs The Miz, though, there is every chance the company will end up rushing this one just to give SummerSlam a big money match.

Seth Rollins Vs Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose

There are numerous ways to set this one up, the first of which would be Reigns defeating Lesnar for the title. From there, you could go down any number of routes. Ambrose needs to return as a heel, so he could perhaps win Money in the Bank and cash in on Reigns before SummerSlam, or you could simply have the three men square off on an episode of Raw, leading to a triple threat at SummerSlam.

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Like Bryan Vs The Miz, I would personally hold off on this idea until WrestleMania, but I can't help but think that the WWE had this match in mind when they went for their failed Sheild reunion at the end of 2017.

1: Daniel Bryan Vs AJ Styles

Other than possibly Braun Strowman, there are less stars on the WWE program at this moment more prevalent than Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles. 

Fans are edgy to see the two men square off for the WWE title, and what better event to do it at than SummerSlam. Bryan's arrival to the ring has been one of the greatest stories of 2018, and it would be an awesome vibe great minute to see him assert the WWE title following a match of the year applicant with AJ Styles on the WWE's second greatest show of the year. 

Obviously, you could then plant the seeds for The Miz Vs Bryan with a trade out, which would successfully be a re-keep running of the work to WrestleMania 30, with The Miz assuming Randy Orton's part. 

This is a match I feel we need to see sooner or later in 2018, and with SummerSlam being seemingly the greatest show left for the current year, there is by all accounts no better possibility to have the match


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